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As an SEO consultant in Melbourne, Australia, we have learned to study various businesses while understanding their needs and requirements. Running a business is not easy, and harder is to justify the investment in marketing resources that you would want to employ. Online Ads? Billboards? TV? Radio Ads? Search Engine Optimisation? The marketing list is virtually endless.

Possibly you may also wonder why your marketing investment is not taking you where you want to be. Maybe you are spending less or very much, or your resources aren’t right enough.

What can an SEO Consultant in Melbourne do for you?

Most businesses aren’t aware the roles and responsibilities of an SEO consultant. There are myriad of services that can be handled by a consultant. SEO Consultation comes with two options: a) Do the SEO yourself and we guide you in execution or b) we perform the project execution and for that, you also need to understand SEO and how it works.

If your website is not showing up higher up in the search results to gain the maximum free traffic, then you already know that you are losing your customers to your competition. No matter what search engines we are referring to, whether Google, Bing or Yahoo, your website’s search visibility is critical in generating leads for your business.

If you lack the expertise or time to perform search engine optimisation, then Keyur Amin is the right SEO consultant to guide you in ranking your website. Keyur is a transparent and reputable SEO consultant based in Melbourne who is open to sharing his expertise free of charge for your first consultation.

Keyur is handling multiple SEO campaigns for clients in the various niche. No matter your budget, we are here to help you get your desired rankings in your local preferred search engines. All our strategies have a high impact on the search ranking and get conversions. We also gain confidence in the audience through several web design tweaks to increase conversions.

When you meet Keyur in his first consultation, he will discuss freely the methods and strategies that would drive up your website’s rankings. The realistic time frame will also be provided based on your desired SEO campaign goals. First and foremost, we will weed out any and every negative signal that your website could have and that could force the negative search engine rankings including but not limited to broken links, error pages, appropriate internal linking, headings, content structure, website structure, the intent of the content, etc. Depending upon the required goals and keywords that need to be targeted, there could be a possibility of the involvement of ‘off page’ SEO strategies that include link building and brand awareness mostly via blogs, social media platforms and/or press releases.

All the strategies will abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines and their best practices as per their policy. We do not encourage black-hat methods such as generating spammy and unreadable content, posting tons of links at a time from unrelated sites, no bogus hidden links, and texts. Employing black-hat methods could ban your website from Google’s search results altogether so avoid at all costs.

We do not guarantee you a first-spot position for any keyword in any search engine. This is beyond anyone’s control. We will make you aware of how a search engine works and behaves when you type in a search query. The growth and rise of your website for various search terms will gradually increase to a higher position. It is not a sudden increase or a sudden decrease unless a black-hat method is used.

Keyur, an SEO consultant in Melbourne, is well experienced in improving local search results. He has been in the search industry from 2003 since Google was in its early stages. He is very well aware of all the algorithm changes by Google and other search engines which he uses to his advantage for ranking a client’s website.

If you want to hire a consultant who has expertise in local SEO techniques, then you do not need to look any further. If your website is optimised for ‘local SEO’, it will appear when anyone nearby is searching for keywords that are relevant to your business. We will also provide all the changes that are required on the website before adjusting it on the site. SEO involves a number of changes to your website’s coding as well and we will be transparent on what will be changed and the reason why it has to be replaced or amended.

To gauge the success of your campaign, we will continuously monitor the traffic that the website is receiving. Keyur is proficient in using Google Analytics and tailor the marketing strategy to suit your site’s search engine rankings based on the statistics. We will also provide you a training on how to interpret the statistics being shown in Google Analytics account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do you require for the first consultation?

Minimum 1 hour to maximum 2 hours

Why do you take so much time in consultation?

Consultation means guidance. If we do not explain you better, then there isn’t any point in arranging a consultation.

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